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One of the most profound quotes I`ve ever heard was in a local newspaper many years ago. This quote seemed to jump out at me: "The first and final thing you have to do in this world is to last in it and not be crushed by it."

I'm a realist.I see and try to deal with things the way they are not the way I would like them to be.I've often been called "the reality check" person. I try to bring folks into my space who are interesting; folks who know who they are; who can exercise independent thought and are not afraid if everyone doesn't agree; folks who take ownership of all of those things but do not fear having to perhaps be alone in it. Life has taught me a thing or two. I've only over the past few years been able to process and verbalize these things...and, I like it. I feel free. I'm still very passionate about things around me and things that come into my space, I have reached a place though where I feel content with who I have become and ....who I am's a good thing.

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